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Riding with a Brompton Folding Bike Has Never Been Easier

A question we’re commonly asked is, ‘are Bromptons hard to ride?’.

Whilst a Brompton has been my daily ride for a few years now, I can still recall that I, too, was once put off by the unusual appearance of a bike with small wheels and such a long seatpost. 

But to answer the question; No – riding a Brompton folding bike is not hard. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Let me explain why this is so:



The reason why we aren’t pedalling like hamsters on a treadmill and getting nowhere is because of… gears! Phew!

Choose between a 2, 3 or 6 geared Brompton and cruise around town or down to the shops at about the same cadence as you would on a regular bike. Our demo Bromptons are setup with these gears so you can take a test ride and feel which will meet your requirements.

Once you have selected a gearing option, we can also shift the gear range higher (for speed) or lower (for hills) to further accommodate your individual requirements.


Seatpost & Handlebars

Despite the long handlebar stem and seatpost, you won’t feel like you’re stranded atop a pole when riding a Brompton! The steel, hand-brazed frame acts like a stiff spine for the bike providing the connection between your hands, feet and posterior.

As with the gearing, there are three different handlebar heights to choose from – S for straight, short and sporty; M for medium height; H for the highest option. Again, these are available to test ride on our demo fleet so you can feel which option will suit your riding style the best.

The best handlebar option for you will also determined by the height of your saddle. Your saddle height is easily adjustable with a quick release lever, and if the standard length seatpost isn’t tall enough for you, we also have extended and telescopic seatposts available! 

Getting your riding position ergonomically right for you can make a really big difference to how easy (comfortable and fun!) a Brompton is to ride!


Small Wheels

Brompton bikes have always been Made For Cities; their compact fold size, agile handling allowing you to dodge traffic and other obstacles (potholes, broken glass, bollards), and fast acceleration and deceleration have made them a popular commuter bike in London and in commuter cities all around the world. 


Loading Up (Luggage Options)

With a wheelbase similar to a regular bike, a Brompton provides you with a stable ride – loaded or unloaded. But when you need to carry things, whether it’s a little or everything including the kitchen sink, we’ve got your covered.

Unlike most bikes, Bromptons are designed to carry luggage first and foremost on the front, above your front wheel. Luggage there is supported in the frame, rather than the steering, meaning you can load up your bag with shopping or gear for a multiday expedition and still have an easy and comfortable ride.

A rear rack allows you to load up both ends of the bike to extend your multiday rides or do some full-on biketouring.

So riding a Brompton is the easy part.

The hardest part is not wanting to stop!

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