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Where is a Brompton bicycle made?

Each of our Brompton bicycles is produced at our factory in London. The average bike is made up of 1,200 parts, many of which are custom-made for each of the Brompton models.

How much does a Brompton bike weigh?

Depending on the model and specifications you choose, a Brompton can weigh anything from 9.5kg to over 13kg. The most popular model we sell is an M6L which weighs in at around 11.8kg. Having said this, many people are surprised how lightly a Brompton is to ride, and how compact and well-balanced the folded Brompton is to carry.

How big is a folded Brompton?

The dimensions of a folded Brompton are 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide (23″ x 22.2″ x 10.6″). The volumetric size of the folded package is approximately 0.089m3 (3.1ft3). These measurements are based on a Brompton with the standard folding pedal, a standard length seat post and saddle. Dimension can vary slightly by model – e.g. if a rear rack is fitted – or after the bike has been fitted to you.

Is a Brompton bike good for commuting?

Yes; a Brompton is specifically designed for commuting around cities. Whether you’re looking to ride A -> B or need a multimodal ‘last mile’ transport solution, a Brompton is a perfect option for many people. When you reach your destination, you can simply fold the Brompton and leave it under your desk or another secure location.

Can you take a Brompton bike on Public Transport?

Yes you can take a Brompton on all modes of Public Transport (tram, bus, train) here in Victoria without paying an additional charge. In most cases you are well advised to fold your Brompton prior to boarding except on non-peak hour Metro Train services. For more information refer here:

What size are Brompton wheels?

All Bromptons are fitted with 16” wheels.

Can you put a child seat on a Brompton

We do not recommend fitting a child seat to a Brompton bike.

What is the lightest Brompton bike?

The lightest model available is an S1E-X, which means a Brompton with a straight handlebar, single speed, no mudguards or other accessories. Light and speedy, this model weighs in at 9.5kg.

Are Brompton bikes fast?

If you need to get across town, a Brompton will get you there faster than any other mode of transport. Quick off the line and equally quick to stop, fast to fold and jump on a train or tram if the weather turns – nothing stands in your way when you’ve got a Brompton.

Are Bromptons good for long rides?

When you’re not hitting the city streets a Brompton also is a perfect bike for fun rides, whether you’re riding for hours, all day, or multiple days at a time.

What is the best Brompton for touring?

The “best Brompton” for any type of riding will always be the one that feels most comfortable for you. Once you’ve selected your preferred handlebar height we would recommend 6 gears with a reduced gear range (-12% is a good place to start), and a rear rack is very useful for additional luggage capacity.

Is a Brompton bike good to ride uphill?

Yes; Bromptons have been ridden up many alpine peaks around the world and even here in Australia.

How durable is a Brompton bicycle?

In a word: very. All our steel frame parts are brazed; a lower-temperature joining technique compared to welding that uses a filler material (brass, in our case) to connect two parts. Brazing subjects the frame parts to less heat and distortion.

Can you sit on a folded Brompton?

No, we do not advise that you sit on a folded Brompton. A Brompton is only designed to take the weight of a person when fully unfolded.

How do you clean a Brompton bike?

Just like a regular bike, regularly cleaning and lubing (and cleaning off again) your chain will make for an easier ride and help your chain last longer. Do this regularly and you won’t need anything more fancy than a clean rag and some good quality chain lube.


Once you’ve done your chain, use a new, clean rag to wipe your rims and the surface of your brake pads clean.

If your hinges or hinge clamp bolts are getting stiff, you should use a drop or two of lube on them too – ask us how the next time you bring your Brompton in for a service.


Do not use a pressure hose to clean your Brompton.


Do not get water into your rear hub if you have hub gears.

Should I buy a Brompton folding bike?

A Brompton has many benefits: a compact size when folded, quick and easy fold, and a stable and fun ride are just the tip of the iceberg. Come in for a test ride and talk to our staff about how a Brompton bike can improve your lifestyle. Read more here:

Is Brompton the best folding bike?

We certainly think so, and to-date plenty of reviewers agree that a Brompton bicycle is the best city commuter bike on the market. The best way to test this claim for yourself is to come in and have a test ride!

Can I retrofit the Brompton Electric kit to my current Brompton?

No, the Brompton Electric system requires changes to several frame components to meet the more stringent mechanical and electrical safety

Can you convert a Brompton to electric?

We do not recommend any electric conversions be retrofitted to an existing Brompton bike.

How much is the Brompton Electric?

Brompton Electric bikes start from $6,449 for a two speed and $6,749 for a six speed option. 

What's the warranty on a Brompton bike?

The frame and non-wearable parts are covered by a 2 year warranty (this includes electronic components where applicable). You can extend your frame warranty to 7 years by registering your Brompton by creating an owner’s account at and linking your Brompton, using your bike’s serial and frame number. 
Please refer to your Brompton Owner’s Manual for full warranty details.

What's the weight limit on a Brompton?

The carrying capacity (or maximum load) a Brompton is rated to is 110kg. This includes the rider AND luggage. 

Both the front luggage block and rear rack are rated to 10kg of load each. We recommend loading the front first to balance out the weight on your bike and wear parts more evenly.

Is the A Line Brompton available?

The A Line Brompton is not available in our region.

A Line Brompton 600x400

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