Brompton Bike Line Up for 2024

This year we’re excited to offer new frame colours and an expanded range of Bromptons – new gearing options and new Lines! But… just before we jump into the new details, here’s a quick refresher of a few terms:

  • C Line – our classic, full steel framed Brompton. 
  • P Line – designed for performance, this Brompton has a steel main frame and handlebar stem and titanium fork and rear frame. Previously referred to as “superlight Bromptons”.
  • T Line – full titanium frame with carbon forks and other superlight components.
  • Urban – left hand shifter / derailleur gears only. This translates to 2 gears for a C Line (133% gear range), or 4 gears for P Line / T Line / C Line Electric (163% gear range)
  • Explore – left (derailleur) and right (internal hub) shifter. This translates to 6 gears for a C Line (302% gear range), or 12 gears for P Line / T Line / C Line Electric (402% gear range)

For more, please be sure to read our previous blog post introducing the 2023 range: “What’s In A Name? C, P & T Lines Explained

C Line (steel frame)

Brompton has refreshed their range of frame colours for C Line Bromptons. Expected to arrive in May 2024, the offering includes three new standard colourways; Dune Sand, Ocean Blue and Yuzu Lime

Black components (eg handlebars, seat post, rims, mudguards) continue as standard in 2024. ‘Explore’ models will continue to be fitted with a frame pump for emergency situations.  Finished with an eco-friendly power coating, a team of experts hand-make each bike in the London Brompton factory. 

You can ride anywhere with confidence on a C Line Explore Brompton. This model has a wide gear range providing suitable gearing to conquer hills and race along flats, so that each journey is a joyful experience full of agility and power. Even when life throws the unexpected your way – public transport disruptions, weather events, spontaneous get-togethers with friends – a C Line Explore ensures you’ll still arrive in style. 

P Line (steel and titanium frame)

Along with new colours, P Line Bromptons will be offered in two gearing options from later this year. ‘Urban’ models are currently available in Storm Grey Metallic and Midnight Black Metallic (both MY23) and popular with customers looking for a lightweight multimodal transport solution. The recently released ‘Explore’ model will weight marginally more but with it’s expanded gear range will be the option of choice for people looking to do serious adventuring, or simply need extra gear range for steep hills.

“”Lunar Ice” will be the first new P Line colour to be available locally, with other colours arriving in subsequent shipments. 

All P Lines have a coloured main frame and stem with black fork and rear frame.

Features that facilitate the P Line’s fun and smooth city riding experience include the responsive suspension block, shock-absorbing titanium frame, and the performance-oriented gearing system to ensure a comfortable ride at any speed. The intelligently engineered gears have been crafted with city adventures being considered meaning you can safely weave around tight corners and alongside traffic with complete control.

T Line (titanium + carbon forks)

Precision-engineered titanium. The ultimate 4-speed folding bike. An initial shipment of T Line Urban Bromptons have already arrived – and were gone before you could blink!

Featuring an all-new, superlight compact drivetrain with a gearing ratio fine-tuned for city performance. Weighing from just 7.95 kg this expertly engineered, lightweight frame weighs 37% less than steel equivalents. With improved gearing elements and on-road positioning you’ll feel like you’re riding on air! Available in Low or Mid handlebar height, more Urban models are expected to be available in store shortly.

The T Line Explore is expected to arrive from mid this year. Still amazingly light to carry at just 8.8kg but with gears that allow you to say yes to every adventure that comes your way. Available in either Low or Mid handlebar height, you can still move around with ease compared to traditional bikes.

With an entirely new* drivetrain designed from the ground-up to sit inside the fold and to be light as possible for optimal city performance. The carbon crankset gives greater power transfer, and the 60-gram derailleur delivers smooth shifting in a small package. The new gear-ratio has been perfected for city roads, and tested from Amsterdam to San Francisco. (*patent-pending)

Electric C Line (steel)

From this year, Electric Bromptons (C Line and P Line) will also have the same rear frame design which permits a choice of either Urban (4 speed) or Explore (12 speed) configurations. Electric C Line Bromptons will be available in the same colourways as the standard (non-electric) C Line Bromptons and are expected to arrive in the coming months. On Brompton Electric bikes, the featured main frame colour is framed by black extremities as shown below:

Whatever your plans or riding route, with our Smart Pedal Assist you can go further, faster and even higher. The compact motor does the hard work for you. And when it’s time to go again, rest easy knowing the lightweight battery quickly detaches from its secure mount, so you can take it with you and charge wherever is convenient. With the most compact folding e-bike, you can do it all.

Choose an Urban model for a light-weight ebike that’s easy to manage when carried into and out of buildings, onto public transport, or packed for your next road trips.  With 4 rear sprockets and no internal hub, the Electric C Line Urban bikes weight from just 13.7kg (15.63kg including battery).

Our redesigned Electric Explore models gives you the freedom to explore new horizons, the expert engineering allowing you to experience complete mindfulness with nothing but the breeze on your skin to occupy your mind. Combining 4 rear sprockets with an internal hub to achieve an impressive 402% gear range, Electric C Line Explore bikes weight from just 15.4kg (17.3kg including battery).

Contact us to express your interest in any of the new options coming in 2024!

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