Ergon Grip GP1 – S Gripshift

$65.00 inc. GST

Ease the pressure on your hands with a pair of Ergon grips!

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If you’re experiencing numb fingers, aching hands and/or tired forearms whilst riding, a pair of Ergon Grips may provide you with quick and easy relief. 

Ergon is known worldwide for their quality design, materials and construction. The uniquely shaped grip body is made from 100% German, TÜV-certified rubber compounds of the purest quality – with infused Medical-grade white mineral oil for improved flexibility and durability. A forged aluminium clamp allows the grip to be adjusted for perfect fit, can be easily readjusted, and eliminates twisting once installed.

The GP1 Gripshift is shorter length grip (9.5cm) compared to the regular GP1 (13cm), and can be more easily fitted to pre-2017 M & H type bars. (note: length stated includes aluminium clamp.)

Recommended Sizing

  • S = Small to Medium glove size
  • L – Large to XLarge glove size
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