Brooks Leather Saddle – Honey – Classic – B17S

$250.00 inc. GST

Match the best of British cycling and fit a Classic Brooks Saddle on your Brompton!

Made for over a century, this British classic will add class and comfort to your ride.

The iconic Brooks B17 is ideal for all your riding needs from commuting, to long distance touring, to weekend social rides. The standard B17 features black steel rails and steel rivets. 

The shorter “s” version of the saddle has traditionally been referred to as a “women’s” saddle as it can be easier to ride wearing a skirt on a shorter-nosed saddle. In all other respects the two versions are the same.

Register your Brooks Leather Saddle on the Brooks website within 3 months from the date of purchase, you can extend the standard 2 years of guarantee to 10 years!

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LENGTH     242mm
WIDTH       176mm
HEIGHT      58mm
WEIGHT     460g
MATERIAL  Vegetable Tan Leather Top
MATERIAL  Steel Rails / Black Powder Coated
MATERIAL  Tubolar Steel Rivets
FEATURES  Made In England

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