Highly collectible. Or a daily ride. As good as a regular Brompton - only better.

Explore Edition

Take the long route.

Escape the maddening crowds and go explore the great outdoors! Spec’d and styled on feedback from our own Brompton team's adventures and other Brompton world tourers, the Brompton Explore package includes luggage and spares to help you get on your way!

Seize your spirit of adventure and celebrate the freedom of cycling on the new Brompton Explore!

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The Black Edition

Since their inception, the Black Edition has been a popular choice. 

Available in all black or with an accent colour on the mainframe - look out for a new 2020 colour to be announced soon! 

Limited stocks available, so get in while they last!

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Brompton x CHPT3

"The Roadie's Brompton" - Superlight with a rockin' colourway and exclusive go-fast components - the most sought-after Brompton ever!

Our first shipment of this Special Edition sold out fast, as has the next shipment which hasn't even arrived yet!

Talk about the hottest thing in town! CHPT3 x Brompton wins hands down any day.