Highly collectible. Or a daily ride. As good as a regular Brompton - only better.

The Black Edition

Since their inception, the Black Edition has been a popular choice for people after something a bit special, or who love the black contrast. 

For the first time this year, Black Editions are available in both standard steel and Superlight options. 

Due to return in store this Spring!

Superlight Bromptons

Strictly speaking, these are not "Special Edition" Bromptons, but their irregular availability makes it feel almost as though they are!

A "superlight" Brompton combines weight-saving  titanium components with a classic hand-brazed steel frame. These Bromptons deliver high quality performance with excellent portability.

CHPT3 x Brompton

When Will Butler-Adams sat next to David Millar at lunch on that fateful day, who could have foreseen the craze that was to result?

The collaboration between Brompton and CHPT3 has produced arguably the most sought-after Brompton ever produced. Only available as an s-bar superlight the demand for this Special Edition Brompton far exceeds production. Keep a sharp eye on out for when these become available next.

Explore Edition

Released at the end of 2019, this special edition Brompton with it's eye-catching colourway was packaged together with a new Borough Bag, saddle pouch, various accessories and spare parts.

Bromptons made be #MadeForCities, but they are also fabulous for escaping the city and going exploring!

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