What’s In A Name? C, P & T Lines Explained

Many of us who have been around a little while can glance at a Brompton and tell you the model more reliably than, say, our kid’s birthday. Until the end of 2021, the ‘standard’ range of Bromptons included both full steel framed bikes and mixed metal frame (steel and titanium) bikes, aka Superlight Bromptons. (For more on previous model codes, please read our this post.)

Going forwards (MY22 onwards) instead of using a code to describe the features of a Brompton, we use words to describe each bike’s details in the following order:

  • Production line by frame materials
  • Gearing descriptor
  • Frame Colour
  • Handlebar Height 

What we used to refer to as ‘standard’ bikes are now divided between: 

    C Line Bromptons – “Classic” full steel frame bikes 


    P Line Bromptons – “Performance” (steel and titanium frame) bikes

C Line

C Line Bromptons make up the majority of Brompton bikes made and sold – here and around the world. There are only slight changes to the specifications compared with the ‘standard’ Brompton models up to MY21. As mentioned above, the principal change is to nomenclature; specifically, how the number of gears is described.

C Line Bromptons will continue to be offered in a choice of three gearing options (2, 3 and 6) for each of the three handlebar heights. The new terminology for both is:


Urban     (2 speed)

Utility     (3 speed)

Explore  (6 speed)

Handlebar Height*

Low    (S/Short)

Mid    (M/Medium)

High   (H/High)

*Handlebar height refers to the distance from the ground to the end of the grip.

Mudguards are now fitted to all C Line Bromptons as standard, thus that feature is no longer referred to in the bike’s description. However if the Brompton is fitted with a rear rack this will be noted.

Putting all this together we can now understand that:

New Model Name Previous Model Name
C Line Urban House Red - Low House Red S2L
C Line Utility Racing Green - Mid Racing Green M3L
C Line Explore Black Lacquer - High Black Lacquer H6L

The emphasis has changed from handlebar height / gears / mudguards to frame type / gears / handlebar height. Frame type and gearing largely determine the price of the bike. Whilst the handlebar choice does not change the price of a Brompton, it is a fixed height and cannot be changed post-purchase. This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the correct handlebar height option for you, to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Finally, the visual and physical differences between MY21 and MY22 are essentially the “C” sticker near the main frame hinge, new styling on the serial number plate, and a different frame pump for emergencies. 

MY22 (C Line) vs MY21 serial number plates

Brompton Electrics, Black Editions and any future special or limited editions with a full steel frame will all fall under the “C Line” banner. 

Aside from nomenclature, once again there is little change between MY21 and MY22 for C Line Electric and C Line Black Edition Bromptons. Black Editions are available in all three handlebar height options, while the Electrics are only available in Mid or High. Both are available in only two gear options (Urban or Explore). 

P Line

Based on the existing superlight frame, the most notable feature of the P Line is the redesigned rear frame and drive train providing customers with an easy to carry, light and fast bike – perfect for multimodal commuting and whenever weight is a key consideration. 

P Line Rear Frame and decal - reduced

By replacing the hefty 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub for a four sprocket cassette, the design team have achieved a weight reduction of 1.55kg over a C Line Utility. 

To summarise:

New Model Name Previous Model Name
P Line Urban Superlight Brompton, or codes ending in -X (e.g. M6L-X)
4 speed drivetrain, (163%) Choice of 2 speed (133%), 3 speed (178%) or 6 speed (302%) drivetrains
Colours: Storm Grey Metallic or Midnight Black Metallic (gloss). Titanium frame parts painted gloss black. Colours: any of the standard colour range. Titanium frame parts were left unpainted.
Saddle: Superlight saddle with chromoly rails, carbon reinforced base and lightweight padding. Includes integrated carry handle and light mount. Includes lightweight Superlight Pentaclip Saddle: Brompton saddle, Brooks B17 Special or C17 Cambium with standard Brompton Pentaclip
Superlight Advance rear frame made from Titanium with a replaceable hanger, redesigned suspension block and new 54mm roller wheels Titanium Rear Frame with standard 45mm frame rollers
Hinge & Seat Post Clamps: Machined aluminium hinge clamp levers and plates anodised matt black finish Hinge & Seat Post Clamps: Standard black plastic levers
Front Wheel: Superlight front wheel - Lightweight rim, double-butted spokes and aluminium hub body with sealed bearings and hex key axle Front Wheel: Superlight front wheel - Lightweight rim, double-butted spokes and aluminium hub body with sealed bearings and hex key axle

Although they won’t be as readily available as C Line options, P Lines are expected to appear on a regular basis in our store. 

T Line

The T Line retains the iconic Brompton silhouette and fold, but it otherwise has been completely redesigned. Everything has been re-engineered for lightness, strength and endurance from the titanium frame and carbon front forks to the new drive train, making this the lightest Brompton ever produced, weighing in at 7.45kg for a single speed and 7.95kg for a 4 speed model (compared to a C Line Explore model at 12.1kg, it’s a big difference)! No wonder this new Brompton is highly sought-after!

Presently the only way to obtain a T Line Bromptons is by ballot run by Brompton Bicycle (the head office). The UK team will post on social media channels shortly before the next ballot date – then you can enter and cross your fingers!

T-Line-Bromptons 500x300

At the time of writing, T Lines have only been available to collect from just 5 (of 15) Brompton Junction stores around the world, being: London, Paris, Singapore, Shanghai and New York. 

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