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Are Brompton bikes good for cities?

Brompton bikes aren’t just good for cities, they’re made for cities!



Designed and made in London, tested in cities around the world, a Brompton is never more at home than in the narrow confines of city streets and stop-start rhythm of city life.

But just what is it that makes them so great?


Size matters

Sixteen inch wheels are a distinctive feature of a Brompton bicycle. For the city commuter, small wheels give Bromptons their agile handling – precisely what you need to avoid sprays of broken glass, unexpected potholes, people stepping out in front of you, and other obstacles frequently encountered on busy, crowded streets.

Fast off the line to get you in front of vehicular traffic where you’re more visible. Fast to stop so you don’t come off second best!

Casual riders also enjoy the light, but stable ride that a Brompton provides. Whether you ride for exercise, to catch up with friends, to make a quick trip to the shops, or just for that sense of freedom, a Brompton is an excellent choice!




Like it or not, security is an issue in cities and towns. But why lock your bike up when you can fold and take it with you? Brompton’s unique, compact fold means it’s easy to stash under your desk, take into a cafe or shop or gallery, or find space inside your house/apartment so it’s never left outside to the mercy of theives.




We don’t all live a convenient distance to work. Sometimes our plans change. Sometimes it’s the weather that changes! Life is unpredictable – you need a bike that’s flexible enough to fit your lifestyle!

With a Brompton you ride when you choose. Fold and jump on a train, tram or bus for longer journeys across town or when the weather turns – even during peak hour. 

When ‘just one drink’ turns into ‘one too many’, simply fold and catch a taxi home. You’re safe, your Brompton is safe, and tomorrow is another day.



Front Luggage

Avoid sore shoulders and a sweaty back by taking advantage of the range of Brompton’s front luggage options. All of our standard Brompton bikes are fitted with a front block that the Brompton bags side onto. Because the luggage block is mounted on the main frame – and not the steering – you can easily carry up to 10kg and still enjoy the same safe, easy handling characteristic of a Brompton bike!



If a Brompton bicycle sounds like the perfect solution for your needs, use the form on our Contact page to see how we can help match you to your ideal Brompton.

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