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Christmas Gift Guide 2022

For big surprises, small gifts and everything in between – we have you covered this Christmas! Our staff have compiled this list principally with current Brompton owners in mind, but please scroll to the bottom if you’re looking for ideas to get started on your Brompton journey!

Stocking Stuffers

Secret Santa gift to buy? A small surprise to put in the stocking on the mantlepiece? We think these will tick the right box for you!

Made For You

If you’re thinking of something more personalised, this list will get you thinking!

Practical Gifts

Yes, we’re talking Bags, Bags, Bags! There are so many options to choose from! Small; for the essentials like keys/phones. Medium; to carry holiday reading, scarves, sunglasses and hats. Large; for everything you need to take on your next bike holiday (or to work). Or something stylish to take a break from your everyday work bag.  

Upgrade Their Ride

Perhaps that special Brompton owner in your life has been talking (hinting?) about bike accessories… we can certainly suggest a few that can improve their ride. And if they don’t need anything extra, there’s always a workshop service. Start the new year refreshed – and with a tuned up bike to match!

Join 'The Fold'

Keen to get started, or know someone you’d like to have join you on a Brompton?

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