Brompton Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor – Quad Lock

$110.00 inc. GST

The Brompton Quad Lock® Phone Mount and Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor is the perfect kit and navigation companion for your Brompton bike. This complete kit provides a stable and safe way to mount your phone to your bike allowing for navigation and notifications to be clearly visible whilst on the move.

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Mounted in the centre of the handlebars over the stem; the phone mount is Brompton designed and compatible with all current handlebar types. Made in robust nylon for a sleek black look which is unobtrusive on the bike. The Patented Dual-Stage Lock makes it quick & easy to attach / detach your device, whilst giving you the peace of mind to know your device is securely locked. At just 4.5mm thick, the Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor fits seamlessly onto the back of smartphones and cases.

Kit includes:

Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor

  • Size: 56mm (W) and 66mm (H) 
  • Slim profile (only 4.5mm thick) 
  • Weight:  20g
  • Colour: Black 
  • Durable and tough composite construction 
  • Adheres to flat and slightly curved surfaces. 
  • 3M™ VHB super strong adhesive 

 Brompton Phone Mount

  • Dimensions : 65mm x 65mm x 35mm
  • Weight : 45g
  • Colour : Black
  • Quad Lock® designed by Brompton – (designed to work with Brompton bike fold.)
  • Compatible with ALL current Brompton handlebars
  • Dual-stage locking mechanism ensures phone is secure on bike
  • This set includes a universal adaptor. You can purchase Brompton Phone Mount without adaptor here
  • Strong, secure & lightweight mount

Important set up information: Please ensure the application surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the adaptor.

The 3M™ VHB adhesive will adhere to smooth, non-textured, non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal. It will NOT adhere to rubber, silicon, TPU or soft touch coatings. The 3M™ VHB adhesive is a single use adhesive, it is NOT re-usable.

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