Continental Contact Urban 16 x 1.35 (35-349)

$75.00 inc. GST

This most eagerly anticipated tyre for your Brompton is now available! 

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Typically described as “smooth and effortless” and “light and fast”… these could be the tyres you’re looking for!

Described by Continental as the “perfect symbiosis between light-rolling and puncture protection”. That puncture protection is provided by a cross-woven nylon fibre netting which is robust, light and flexible, which they’re calling the “SafetyPro Breaker”.

Contact Urban tyres can also be fitted to Bromptons with e-conversions and the Brompton Electric.

ETRO size: 35-349
Tyre pressure: 65 -116 psi or 4.5 – 8 bar
Weight: 285g
Tyre bead: Wired
Directional: Yes

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