Brompton Toolkit

$140.00 inc. GST

Exactly what you need when out on a ride and you get a puncture! Set and forget until you need it.

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The most brilliant piece of kit Brompton have designed – right after from the bike itself! Nestled within the bike’s frame until you need it, the toolkit is peace of mind when you’re away from the convenience of public transport, friends, family or taxi/ubers to rescue you from a spot of bother. A magnet in the end of the tooklkit holds it firmly in the frame, even when your Brompton is folded and being transported.

The tool kit contains everything you’re likely to need to maintain your Brompton. The toolkit includes a 15mm spanner, ratchet head with various sized fittings, tyre levers and a basic patch kit. Don’t leave home without yours!

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