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Save Money with a Brompton Bike

When it comes to saving money by replacing car trips with a bicycle, the evidence has been clear cut for a long time that bicycles win hands down over short- to medium-length journeys. (Read more here: Time is Money)

The end? Well, no… There are still more savings to be had when you choose a Brompton bike.

Commuting with a Brompton Bike - Canning St


At home, at work, when you’re out and about… bike thieves are everywhere! When you can fold up your bike and take it indoors with you, the need to pay a couple of hundred dollars on a quality lock (and having to lug it around with you!) evaporates. By bringing your Brompton inside, you’re not just transferring clutter from outside to inside. Once folded, a Brompton is extremely compact. Not content with leaving them just anywhere around the home, owners have been very creative with Brompton storage options, incorporating function and design – a quick web search will give you plenty of ideas for your space.

Here in Melbourne’s Inner North we may enjoy amazing liveability standards and a great network of bike paths and lanes – but bikes are also stolen at an eye-wateringly high rate – even with locks, sometimes. No lock is unbreakable, given time and opportunity. Having a Brompton which is both compact and light enough to carry into an apartment or office literally closes the door to opportunistic bike thieves. 

Not having your bike stolen – and/or any accessories on it – is strategically avoiding a tonne of wasted money, time and stress!


You were running on time until you got a flat? Forgot to charge your lights? Friday night drinks carried on a little too long? A folded Brompton is permitted on public transport even during peak hours, or will fit in a taxi/Uber without a problem. Being able to take your Brompton home with you will save you the time and hassle of going back to collect it the next day, and the worry over whether it will still be there untouched!

Bromptons on Public Transport (short focus)


Bike racks on cars can be a pain to use. Even if you can easily manage yours (and you never forget your altered max vehicle height… be honest, we’ve all seen those videos) road dust is also a great way to kill your bike. So why use one if you don’t have to?

Bromptons are easy to pack inside the car, caravan, camper or trailer. Covered to protect your frame from scuffs – or to stop dust from the trails you’ve just ridden spreading around the car. 

Overseas adventures are just as easy. Your Brompton’s travel bag can double as a suitcase, and doesn’t require a maxi taxi to get to and from the airport. Travel light enough as you may even be able to ride into and out of some airports with just your Brompton and your personal luggage! 

Made To Last

Since 1975 the classic Brompton bike has been made of steel. Steel provides the frame it’s strength and durability, as well as it’s elegant lines and compact fold. Over times frames have become available in a combination of steel and titanium, and more recently titanium and carbon – but strength, durability and ride quality have always been the key components of a Brompton’s design.

With care and maintenance, a Brompton will last their owner a decade or more. We service Bromptons 15-20 years old that their customers are still enjoying on a regular basis. 

Often seen as an investment at the time of purchase, a Brompton bike often becomes a go-to transport option, even if you have other bikes, as they’re so easy to fold and transport or stash safely at home or work.

Don’t give thieves an excuse to target you next. Start enjoying the savings and freedom of owning a Brompton today! Visit us for a test ride and explore the range in store.

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