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Charge. Unfold. Go!

The Brompton Electric folding bike combines the best of Brompton engineering with a lightweight electric system. Combining a quality ride with amazing portability and security, the Brompton Electric will revolutionise how you move around the city and suburbs.

A reliable and compact fold combined with a great riding experience are features that has made Brompton so well regarded in the folding bike category. The ease with which you can take your bike wherever you go – in the back of the car, or on public transport – is what makes Bromptons a favourite with customers. Transition seamlessly from two wheels to two feet at any time. Explore new places with ease!

As for hills? Headwinds? We’ve got your back. We still recommend using your manual gears in conjunction with your electric assistance for the most comfortable and efficient ride, but you can say goodbye to walking up every slope (or avoiding them completely). Brompton Electrics have been tried and tested around the infamous hills of San Francisco and passed with flying colours. We’ve also ridden them up, down and around Melbourne, into the teeth of a blustery northerly wind, and have been really delighted with how much torque is provided by the motor.

With a little electric assist, suddenly just keeping up is no longer an issue. Admit it or not, the pressure of not falling behind is a big barrier to many people’s enjoyment of a ride. Being able to ride together and have breath to talk? Not lose (or get lost by) the kids? What revolutionary ideas! What’s more, you’ll probably still have energy left at the end of the ride instead of feeling completely spent.

This expertly engineered bike offers an impressive 70 kilometre range with assisted speeds of up to 25kph. With three pedal-assist modes to select from and a compact 250-kWh motor offering a streamlined ride, you can tailor any outing to your desired exercise level. Further support is given by the intelligent sensor, which automatically knows when to up the assist. The Electric C Line Explore can do everything from chilled rides to quick daily commutes.

Charging your battery is a breeze! The 300wh lithium battery can be removed in one click and plugged in to a standard wall socket when you need extra power. Keeping you on the go at all times; you can effortlessly charge your bike in just 4 hours or benefit from a boosted charge in less time for urgent travel needs.

The biggest visual change to the MY23 models is the extended colour options, offering the same choices as with the standard/ non-electric C Line Bromptons. A larger bell is also a welcome addition. Most other componentry remains the same, although the emergency frame pump provided may be either a Zefal or Lezyne.

Four colourways have arrived in the initial MY23 Electric C Line Explore shipment (Matcha Green, Racing Green, Fire Coral and Black) with the remaining colours arriving soon.

If a Brompton Electric sounds like the perfect bike to enable you to enjoy riding again – or even if you’re just a little curious – ask us for a free test ride!


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