Brompton Superlight Quick Release Pedals (L+R)

$250.00 inc. GST

First launched on the full-titanium T-Line in 2022, the Brompton Superlight QR Pedals are now available separately as an upgrade to C & P Line Bromptons too (check compatibility note below).

Availability: In stock

Lighter than the standard Brompton pedals by 15%, the left-hand pedal is quick and easy to remove and stow  behind the headtube, reducing the overall width of the folded bike for easier transportation and storage. The right-hand pedal is fixed.

With a CNC milled aluminium body, the Superlight Pedals are ready for everyday riding and come in a sleek black finish. They’re equipped with double-sided integrated reflectors to increase visibility and make your presence known to other road users for dark-day rides and into the night.

Compatibility: Brompton Superlight Quick Release Pedals are compatible with all P Line and T Line. They are ONLY compatible with C Line Bromptons made post-2018 (bike serial number starting with 19 – or email us if you’re not sure).

The fitting is simple with the use of an 8mm hex key, a 6mm hex key, and a torque wrench. Lightweight, durable, and flexible.

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