Brooks Saddle – Flyer – Black

$275.00 inc. GST

A quality Brooks leather saddle with the same top as a B17, but with springs for added comfort. The Brooks Flyer takes the sting out of bumps and puts the spring back into your step at the end of a ride, making it the perfect choice for long days in the saddle. 

With every ride, this saddle will get more comfortable – and sprung saddles tends to break in faster! Every bounce helps shape the saddle to fit you as perfectly as a hand in a glove. Or a foot in a well worn boot. Leather is also naturally breathable so you can ride in comfort all day. 

The Brooks Flyer will be most comfortable for people riding at an average riding posture (around 60 degree angle). If you have a more upright riding position, we suggest a Brooks B67 Saddle. 

Register your Brooks Leather Saddle on the Brooks website within 3 months from the date of purchase, you can extend the standard 2 years of guarantee to 10 years!

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  • Size = 275mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 87mm (H)
  • Weight = 860g
  • Vegetable Tan Leather Top
  • Steel Frame With Springs
  • Tubolar Steel Rivets
  • Made In England

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