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Made For You – Why Women Love Brompton Bikes

Since the late 18th Century bicycles have been a means of freedom and empowerment for women around the world. Even so, there gap between the numbers of male and female bicyclists remains large in many countries, including Australia.   
For this International Women’s Day we thought we’d look at our customer base to see how our bikes rate, and found that women make up a higher percentage (37%) compared to the general cycling community (30%)[1]. Why do women like Bromptons? Here are a few reasons:
  1. Size matters
    Many women are buying a bike for the first time in years (or decades), or have never learnt to ride. The fear of taking a fall, or not being able to control a regular-sized bike looms large in their minds. 
    A Brompton is a bike that will grow with the rider’s abilities; you might start your journey with both feet flat on the ground when you come to a stop, but that same bike may one day take you racing Around the Bay or climbing mountains – if you so choose. 

  2. We’re all different
    Whether you’re short, tall, slim, or curvy, whether you love to race or only ride locally and stop to smell the flowers, we can fit a Brompton to your needs. Despite having only one frame size, there are so many other adjustments, tweaks and options which make a Brompton such an accommodating ride.

  3. Easy to ride
    Remember when you just jumped on your bike and rode it and had fun? That’s what #BromptonLifestyle is all about. Your wardrobe has nothing but skirts? No worries; the main frame is easy to step over. Want to wear heels? It’s so much easier to ride in heels than to walk in them! 
    Your Brompton carries your luggage (and thank goodness you can safely and comfortably carry up to 10kg on the front of your bike because we all know how much of our lives we carry around in our handbags!). Riding without the burden of a backpack is bliss!

  4. Easy to manage
    Besides being the most fun on two wheels you’ve had in too long, the other huge benefit off a Brompton is being able to fold it up and tuck it out of sight. Or take it inside and not have to worry about it getting nicked. Weather turned awful? Stayed back too long after work an you’re too tired to ride home? Take public transport or get a lift with a friend instead, with your folded Brompton as hand luggage. The brilliant design of a Brompton makes it so easy to fit into your lifestyle!

  5. Options
    We love options. From the choice of colours for your bike, to the fantastic luggage range, to how a Brompton can expand your transport options for everything from shopping to commuting to socialising. Owning a Brompton adds options to your lifestyle. And that’s fantastic!
With so many reasons to love them, no wonder so many women are choosing to ride a Brompton! Will you be riding a Brompton this International Women’s Day?
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