Keep Calm & Brompton On – Our Response To COVID-19

Sick of Corona virus updates already? But this one features Bromptons, so please read on.

At Brompton Junction Melbourne the only things we want to be contagious are:

  • a sense of fun
  • laughter
  • a love of Brompton bikes


To assist us with these goals (which we hope you share) we ask that you please adhere to the following rules in line with current government advice:

  1. If you feel unwell at all, or are living with someone who feels unwell, please don’t come into our shop. 
  2. If you have travelled overseas within the last 14 days, or have been in contact with anyone who has (including cruise ship passengers) please don’t come into our shop.
  3. Please maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m between yourself, staff and any other people in our store at all times. 
  4. Cough/sneeze into your bent elbow.

If you can’t visit our store in person, you can always browse our online store, send us an email, or pick up the phone and ask! 

Can’t see the part that you need? Send us an email. We have a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for both new and older Bromptons AND we’re happy to mail them to you.

Need your Brompton serviced? Please call or email us to arrange your service booking. 

Whilst our shop in Carlton North is still open (albiet with slightly reduced hours), we can’t say it’s ‘business as usual’ because this coronva virus has changed that for the foreseeable future. That’s why we are trusting you will only come in if you feel 100% well – and we promise to do the same.

For customers who do need to come into the shop, we’re taking these additional steps to help protect both you and our staff:

  • Hand sanitiser – Mmmm, pungent! But it’s there on the desk to use so please take a squirt before touching anything in store.
  • Displays – (Have you used some hand sanitiser yet?) We are happy to assist with demonstrations so there are fewer hands touching each item – just ask our friendly staff.
  • Disinfectant – As soon as you come back from a test ride, bring back a hire Brompton or hand yours over for a service, we’ll disinfect it.
  • Social Distancing – We know Bromptons are exciting, especially if it’s your first purchase and you want the whole family to be there to help decide which one to pick. However there is only a finite amount of space in store. So that we can maintain a respectful distance of at least 1.5m at all times between people (staff and fellow customers), please limit the number of people in your group to two(2), and call in advance of your arrival.


We are actively monitoring the rapidly evolving situation and will let you know if there are changes to the above to be in line with government advice.

In the meantime, what should you be doing?

Keep riding! If you’re fit and well and not under quarantine, getting out on your Brompton is a fantastic way to get your daily exercise and still comply with social distancing guidelines. Group rides are out for the moment – only ride with other members of your household or go solo, making sure someone knows your intended route and your return ETA if you’re riding alone. If you stop and take gear off (glasses, helmet, gloves etc) hang them on your bike or put them in your bag. When you get home wipe down your bike (see below) and gear before having a shower.

Avoid crowded places. You can’t beat a Brompton for its fluid and easy fold, which is one reason why so many people use a Brompton bike as a “last mile”, multimodal transport solution. Increasingly, people are able to work from home, but not everyone is afforded this luxury. Our public transport system is (or should be) available for everyone, not just work commuters. If you do need to catch public transport: 

  • don’t travel if you’re unwell (stay home!)
  • try to avoid touching unnecessary surfaces (or use an elbow, foot, hip etc)
  • sit as far away from others as you can
  • cough/sneeze into your bent elbow
  • wash your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • take hand sanitiser with you (and use it)

Disinfect your Brompton. Along with washing your hands, it’s a good idea to disinfect items that you touch repeatedly throughout the day, especially when the words “warm” and “damp” apply to them – yep, we’re talking about your grips. 

Sure – you may be the only person to touch or ride your Brompton, but it too can be cleaned. Here’s the list of parts that we disinfect when you bring in your Brompton for a service:

  • Grips
  • Brake levers
  • Shifter(s)
  • Bell & striker
  • Saddle
  • Lights
  • Release latch for rear triangle
  • Quick release (“QR”) lever for seatpost
  • 2x Hinge clamp plate & levers 
  • Handlebar stem
  • Main frame 
  • Folding pedal

In the shop we’re using household disinfectant sprayed onto a clean rag to clean these parts. As always, please only use either isopropyl alcohol (brand name “Isocol”) or disc brake cleaner to clean your seatpost and rims.

Whether or not you think we’re taking this all a bit far, we would rather look back at this period and think we were over cautious than not being cautious enough. We’re looking forward to when it’s “business as usual” again, when we can resume our Brompton Maintenance Sessions, to when we aren’t living with the smell of disinfectant, to when the supermarket shelves are fully stocked with toilet paper and people aren’t panic-buying! (Sadly no, there will never be enough CHPT3 x Bromptons to meet demand – we don’t expect that to change.)

For the present we thank you for following precautions, and hope you remain healthy and well. Keep Calm & Brompton On!


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