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2020 colours have arrived! Orange, House Red & Metallic Graphite!

Our exciting new colours for 2020 have just arrived in store! If you haven’t seen them yet – read on! Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Jump on over to our webstore and buy the Brompton you’ve been dreaming about:


Signal Orange

Like a shot of Vitamin C, Orange is back to brighten your life!

It was a sad day for many when the colour was ‘rested’ from duties as a standard option. Need less to say, Orange really took off as a Black

Edition colour in and has remained a favourite in that range over the last three years.

We’re so excited that this bright favourite is back as a standard colour again in 2020! This colour is available in H6L, M6L, and S6L configurations.



House Red

Red will always be close to our hearts. Since the very first Bromptons were produced back in the early 80’s Red has always been part of the story. But every now and then it’s good to revamp a classic.

House Red is deeper, richer, and screams sophistication. The terroir of this House Red is the streets of London, developed and improved over the last 40 years, and presented to you now as a truly outstanding vintage. Get it now in H6L, M6L or S6L configurations!



Metallic Graphite

Stunning, exciting, and highly desirable!

Metallic Graphite is to Grey, what Baby Yoda is to Jar Jar Binks – in other words, we’re sure you’re going to love it! The first standard Brompton to feature a textured finish, the sparkles are subtle yet striking at the same time.

If you appreciate understated style and want a Brompton you can match with anything in your wardrobe, Metallic Graphite is definitely the right bike for you. Get it now in S2L and M6L configurations.



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