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Lockdown Life with a Brompton Electric

When Lissa delightedly took possession of her brand new Brompton Electric bike, no one knew that another Melbourne Lockdown was just around the corner.

And then another. And another.

Below, Lissa has shared with us her experience of life with a Brompton Electric in Lockdown:

It’s difficult living in an unpredictable world of a pandemic and in lockdown.  Being restricted to a 5km radius, not being able to see friends and family. There’s an ongoing mind game with myself to find a new way of living.


My Brompton Electric is always fun to ride.  I live near a bike path so I ride at least 3 times a week within my 5km radius.  As I’m riding, I feel free, my mind can wander and my breathing is better.  I feel the breeze, sometimes a strong wind, against my face and my legs enjoy pedalling.  While I ride the pandemic takes up no mind space.  


Where I live, it’s often quite windy and there are a few hilly bits.  But the electric assist does its thing.  My Brompton Electric turns a hilly section into a flat road and the wind into a gentle breeze.  I’m over 50, not fit, but having that assist is what gets me on my Brompton and riding, regardless of the wind or terrain.  I’m fitter than I was before riding my Brompton – noticeably so within one month!  


It’s been a joy. A predictable joy. 

Morning by the Bay with a Brompton Electric - photo by Lissa S

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