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B(e) social again with a Brompton Electric

Google “bike ride” and you can scroll through an almost limitless number of images showing people riding and having fun. There are couples, families, groups, large cycling events, young people, old people, differently abled people. Of course there are solo rider images too, but the overwhelming message is that riding is a fun social activity.

Whilst our staff definitely agree that riding is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family, having a bike that suits your needs is key to being able to enjoy this activity. This may mean upgrading a current bike that might look good, but just isn’t fun to ride. And sometimes it means getting a bit of an assist. An electric assist. 
Electric bikes (ebikes) have really taken off in the past few years, and there’s no sign of the curve flattening any time soon. The overwhelming majority of customers buying ebikes are people just like you; singles, couples, mums, dads, grandparents. Ebikes enable more people to enjoy riding more often, and further than they might otherwise have been able to. 
This is why we’re really excited that the Brompton Electric is now available here in Melbourne!
The obvious difference – and huge advantage – our Brompton Electric bikes have is their portability. A reliable and compact fold combined with a great riding experience are features that has made Brompton so well regarded in the folding bike category. The ease with which you can take your bike wherever you go – in the back of the car, or on public transport – is what makes Bromptons a favourite with customers. Being more easily able to chose where and when to ride gives you added control and options with your rides.
With a little electric assist, suddenly just keeping up is no longer an issue. Admit it or not, the pressure of not falling behind is a big barrier to many people’s enjoyment of a ride. Being able to ride together and have breath to talk? Not lose (or get lost by) the kids? What revolutionary ideas! What’s more, you’ll probably still have energy left at the end of the ride instead of feeling completely spent.
Riding a Brompton Electric (or any bike/ebike) doesn’t have be about going fast. Going fast is exciting, but not every ride needs to be at full tilt. In fact, we encourage you to ride at your own pace. The many benefits of a leisurely ride include being able to converse with another person, taking in more of the scenery, and stopping for a drink, snack or photograph without feeling like you’re wasting precious seconds. If you’re riding an ebike with someone on a regular bike, you may need adjust your assistance level and cadence (pedalling speed) so they can keep up with you!
Bromptons riding together - Electric and regular
As for hills? Headwinds? We’ve got your back. We still recommend using your manual gears in conjunction with your electric assistance for the most comfortable and efficient ride, but you can say goodbye to walking up every slope (or avoiding them completely). Brompton Electrics have been tried and tested around the infamous hills of San Francisco and passed with flying colours. We’ve also ridden them up, down and around Melbourne, into the teeth of a blustery northerly wind, and have been really delighted with how gutsy the motor is.
If a Brompton Electric sounds like the perfect bike to enable you to enjoy riding again – or even if you’re just a little curious – you can swing by our store for an free test ride (Covid restrictions permitting). Otherwise click here and select any of the bikes to read about their specifications, or contact us for more information.
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