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Casual has arrived with style

On or off your bike, the latest additions to the Brompton Logo Collection offer simple styles with bold logos and pops of colour. For laid back weekend exploring, or cruisy rides around your local with family or friends, this clothing and accessories range will keep looking you feeling stylish at all times.

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The range is themed with our popular Turkish Green as the accent colour; one of our favourite bike colours of the last few years. 

There are two new t-shirts to choose; both are crafted from 100% organic cotton. Featuring a slightly dropped rear hem for best coverage whatever handlebar height Brompton you’re riding, a bold logo and colour keeping your style points high wherever you are.

When the weather is being – let’s say, ‘typically Melbourne’, our classic black sweat shirt will do just the trick. With bold tiled logo in Turkish Green, and made from 100% organic cotton, you’ll look as great as you feel as you cruise down to the shops, hang out with friends or relax at home.

We’re super excited by the cycling cap available in the Logo Collection. Made in a classic style, the cap it fits perfectly under your helmet to keep your hair in place on windy days, and to help shade your eyes from the sun. Made from lightweight waxed cotton fabric from the world-renowned British Millerain mill, your cap will age beautifully over time.

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Who is British Millerain?

Based in Lancashire, north-west England, the company has been producing specialist textiles since 1880. The ‘home of waxed cotton’, British Millerain is a big name in the textile industry. 

Brands who have incorporated British Millerain’s quality fabrics into their range include The North Face, Dr.Martens, Nautica and Hackett London.

Also made of British Millerain lightweight waxed cotton fabric is the new Brompton Musette. Taking its’ style from the road cyclist’s feed bag, this handy musette is perfect for short trips with a few essentials, or a handy back-up bag for when your Brompton bag is full and you’ve just bought more shopping than is going to fit. A super flexible (and washable!) piece that you can keep in the bottom of a larger shopping bag, or use by itself. 

With Spring already here, now is a great time for a mental refresh. Getting out and enjoying a rides again, in casual style that’s also really comfortable. Everything item in our Logo Collection is a perfect way to treat yourself. And with summer here before you know it, they’ll also make an ideal stocking filler for that Brompton owner in your life! Click the green button below to browse our online store.

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