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Brompton Maintenance Sessions – Are they for me?

You’re riding along a pleasant trail, enjoying a day out and the prospect of a good lunch, when pedalling suddenly gets a lot harder and your bike feels a bit wobbly. 

You’ve got a flat.

What are you going to do?

Brompton bikes are designed to be easily folded and transported by other means (public transit, private vehicles), and we’re happy to fix it for you when you bring it in – but what if you don’t have good phone reception where you get the flat, or help is ages away? Would you be able to remove a wheel and fix your own puncture?

If your answer is a confident “Yep!” then our session is not aimed you. 

But if the mere thought of a flat tyre has you feeling anxious and you’re not sure how you’d manage, then yes – our Maintenance Session covering wheel removal & hub gear indexing is aimed directly at you.



The two hour session is divided roughly into two parts; in the first, Dayna demonstrates how to remove and refit a rear wheel, and index (adjust) hub gears. She also explains the different components involved and talks through examples of what can lead to punctures and strategies to avoid them.

During the second part of the session attendees are encouraged to repeat what they’ve just been shown. This practical component is essential in creating memories to draw on later of having done this before – and also the confidence of having done it right. Dayna is on-hand to answer questions and provide direction and advice as/when needed.



Each group session is limited to six attendees to ensure no one misses out on key information, and everyone has an opportunity to have 

their questions answered. We encourage a friendly and supportive learning environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

Want more? We also have a general maintenance session covering everything from how to clean your Brompton, cleaning and lubing your chain, basic brake adjustment – everything you need to know to keep your Brompton running smoothly between services. 



Classes are held regularly, but fill quickly. Follow these links and register now! 

Brompton Maintenance Session 1: Wheel Removal and Hub Gear Indexing
Brompton Maintenance Session 2: General Maintenance

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