World Bicycle Day, 3 June 2020

Tomorrow, 3 June, is World Bicycle Day and we’re encouraging people who can ride, to ride!

During lock down so many people have rediscovered the fun and freedom of riding a bike as they looked for a way to exercise outdoors – and social distance at the same time. But riding only for exercise is like only ever eating your potatoes mashed. Delicious – but there are still so many other ways to enjoy riding!

Bicycles come in many styles and forms, but arguably none so versatile as a Brompton. So – what makes a Brompton stand apart? It’s all about the fold – and how you use it. 

A Brompton is a bike when you need it, and simple luggage in places where you can’t have a regular bike with you.



A Brompton need never be left outside at the mercy of thieves and weather.

A Brompton doesn’t just carry your shopping; it can be your shopping trolley too!



A Brompton can fit neatly into any car, and is allowed on all types of Public Transport – even in peak hour. 

A Brompton is your commuter bike, your utility bike, your fun bike, your travel bike. Reliable, durable – and foldable!



We’re not saying that a Brompton can replace every type of bicycle on the market. But if you’re looking for a personal transport solution that fits into your daily life, a Brompton is hard to ignore. 

Tomorrow, on World Bicycle Day, if you can ride – ride! Even if it’s only some of the way, or for a short trip to the shops. Share a photo of your travel, tag us and use the hashtags #WorldBicycleDay2020 and #ThisCityMoves, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Who knows? You just might start a habit you don’t want to stop!

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