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A Bike For Every Occasion

Distraction. Procrastination. Exercise. Transport. Freedom!

Right now, with society in lock-down thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are dusting off bikes and getting out for a ride. Staying local, keeping your distance from others, riding off your cabin-fever and breathing some fresh air.  Whether you’re sticking to suburban streets, venturing onto the share-paths, or enjoying more direct routes and taking advantage of reduced vehicular traffic, a Brompton bike makes for a fun and convenient ride.



Since 1975 Brompton bikes have been designed and made for life in cities; for commuting, for being folded up in a matter of seconds to jump aboard a train/tram/bus or thrown into the back of a car. If they can work for people living in tiny London apartments, you’ll be amazed where you can stash one in your average Aussie home. 

But just as the folded Brompton belies the size of the unfolded bike, the “Made For Cities” tag belies how versatile your Brompton actually is.

Once holidays and gatherings are permissible again, our Bromptons will not be left to collect dust. They are the perfect bike to take with you – anywhere!



To The Beach

The ideal summer holiday destination for so many Aussies! Swim, surf – and ride! Scout out where the best breaks are (or aren’t), go get an ice cream or fish ’n’ chips. Ride out to the pier, up to the lighthouse, or along the foreshore.



To The Countryside

Did you find THE perfect AirBNB only to realise it was a little way out of town? Leave the car. Take your Brompton! You’ll discover so much more when you start exploring the town on a bike!



To The Mountains

Go hard by day, and play of evening. Or just relax and cruise around. Either way, it’ll be fun!



Along Rail Trails

Victoria is so lucky to have numerous Rail Trails to choose from, but there are some great trails to find in other States, too. Varying in length from short to multi-day rides, sealed and non-sealed paths. There are many trails to ride around Australia.



Interstate & Overseas

Bromptons are made for travel – and not just on local public transit! The pleasure of having your own bike with you on holiday, one that is easy to transport and doesn’t require assembly/disassembly is a real bonus!



Or just riding with friends

The old gem “It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it!” does spring to mind on occasion. But life is far more than a race to the finish – so enjoy the ride and measure the journey in smiles.



Wherever you go, and wherever life takes you, a Brompton is your bike for every occasion!


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