Ergon Grip GP3 - BioKork


Ease the pressure on your hands with a pair of Ergon grips!

If you're experiencing numb fingers, aching hands and/or tired forearms whilst riding, a pair of Ergon Grips may provide you with quick and easy relief.

The bar end delivers more hand positions for added relief, especially on longer rides. The angle of the bar end can be adjusted independently from the angle of the grip for the perfect personal fit and the bar end doubles as a clamp to lock the grip in place and prevent movement while riding. Check when fitting that your preferred bar end angle will still allow you to fold down the handlebars. 

The GP3 can be fitted to all S, M, & H type bars. Some trimming may be required, particularly for M & H bar types.

The grip body is made up of 40% cork, which is sustainably grown in Portugal and able to meet strict ecological guidelines. The central core uses 20% less plastic and is reinforced with natural fibers. All components of the grip are produced with regards to sustainability. 

Recommended Sizing

  • S = Small to Medium glove size
  • L - Large to XLarge glove size

Av. Weight (per pair) = 230g (S) 260g (L)

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