MKS EZY MT-E Silver Pedal

$100.00 inc. GST

The MT-E  EZY is a new take on the traditional style of pedal.

Comprising the amazing EZY system for quick and easy removal and fitting of pedals, the MKS brand also uses top quality bearings.

The patented Ezy Superior system allows for safe, rapid, and tool-free removal of pedals for travel, storage, or flexibility. This is why MKS pedals are popular as an upgrade for Brompton bikes – and anyone who travels with their bikes (on public transit, in the back of the car, or on airlines).

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A thin pedal spanner (15 mm wrench flat with under 3.2 mm thickness) is required for initial attachment of the adapter.
For the installation of Ezy Superior and Ezy, it is recommend that you use a dedicated MKS original Pedal Spanner or a thin wheel hub spanner.

Made in Japan

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