Brompton Phone Mount for T Line – Quad Lock (no adaptor)

$95.00 inc. GST

Introducing the Brompton Quad Lock® Phone Mount – a specially tailored phone mount meticulously designed for Brompton bikes.

Experience the ultimate stability and safety as you securely attach your phone to your bike, allowing for easy navigation and notifications while you ride. This version is exclusively compatible with phones equipped with a Quad Lock adaptor case. The phone mount is positioned at the centre of the handlebars, above the stem. Crafted from durable nylon material and featuring a sleek black finish, the mount seamlessly integrates with your bike’s aesthetics, ensuring an unobtrusive and elegant look.

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Always stay confidently connected while commuting or exploring the city with our Phone Mount for T Line. Don’t let reading directions interrupt your flow or slow you down with your phone comfortably mounted within easy view right in front of you. Stay in control and know where you are for a navigational system that’s always within reach.

With the perfect fit on your Brompton, our Phone Mount with T Line is the ultimate riding companion. View notifications on the go, and be aware of urgent phone calls or messages for your own peace of mind whilst cycling. Simply pull over, unmount your phone, return a call or message, and remount in seconds before continuing your journey.

Make cycling easier, more secure, and ride confidently knowing you’ll never miss a thing with our Phone Mount for T Line. Designed for Brompton bikes, the Phone Mount offers an easy one-time installation with a 3mm hex key, 3mm torque wrench, and 3mm hex key attachment. To use this phone mount you will need a Quad Lock case or universal adapter for your phone.

Installation instructions:

Weight: from 190g


  • This T Line version is not compatible with the A, C, or P Line models. 
  • The phone mount is supplied on its own, but to operate a phone specific Quad Lock case or universal adapter must be purchased separately.
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