Bespoke Chainrings 44T Brompton Flag – Ti Gold – Narrow Wide

$320.00 inc. GST

Everything we love about our Bromptons set out on a stunning chainring!

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This amazing piece of functional art has been designed right here in Melbourne at the bequest of our store manager who wanted something “that screamed BROMPTON” when her original stock chainring wore out.

The Brompton Flag Narrow-Wide is designed to fit on the Brompton spider crank and is compatible with a chain sized from the standard 7spd Brompton chain to an 11spd chain – preventing the chain from dropping.

Paying tribute to the Union Jack, Brompton logo and triptych, the “Brompton Flag” honours all we love about our British-made bikes!

  • 44T  –  130 BCD

  • Narrow-Wide (1x) Tooth Design

  • 1/2” x 11/128”  (7 – 11 Speed Chain)

  • Titanium Gold Coating

  • 7075 T73 Alloy

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