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Is A 3 Speed Brompton For Me

Simply, easy, robust; a three speed Brompton is often overlooked, when it’s often the perfect choice as a commuter or leisure bike.

With the simplicity of one shifter, and gears numbered “1, 2, 3” using the gears on a three speed Brompton is as easy as… well, 1, 2, 3.

Those three gears are safely tucked away inside the hub of your Brompton’s rear wheel. This setup is made by a company called Sturmey Archer who have been making this 3 speed hub for decades. It’s remained in production as it’s robust, durable, and requires next to no maintenance.

A three speed will have enough gear range for most riders to enjoy flat to slightly hilly rides over a short to moderate distance.

What is gear range?

This is the difference between the lowest (easiest) and highest (hardest) gear on the bike. 

On a three speed Brompton, the gear range is set by the Sturmey Archer internal hub gears. Specifically, the range is 178%.

Whether you’re riding 10min to the shops, or 30min to work, or even an hour for exercise, a three speed provides a comfortable selection of gears via one simple shifter.

Riding in the park with children or a pet. Cruising the foreshore on a sunny afternoon, particularly when you spend half the time dodging groups of people. A quick trip down to the shops. Catching up with friends. Enjoying a picnic. Throwing your Brompton in the back of the car, campervan or trailer and going on holiday! Or even – going to work. Our store manager, Dayna, has been happily riding a 3 speed Brompton as her main commuter for the last 6 years!

The versatility of a Brompton’s compact fold means you can take your bike with you to all manner of places; or you have easy options if you run out of steam. The boot of a car, on all types of public transit (train, tram, bus, taxi, ferry) or simply enjoy ride, however long it takes. 

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