Brompton folding bikes are perfect for the city. Why? Because of its easy and compact fold; you can take it with you in your car, on public transport, to the bar, your friend’s place or even to the office – no matter how small the elevator is. By taking it with you, you’re also reducing the risk of your Brompton being stolen.


Its riding position and the agility that its geometry offers provide an ideal combination for the urban environment. The small wheels allow faster acceleration (when the traffic lights go green you’ll be off!), great manoeuvrability in slow moving traffic, and ease of avoiding potholes.


You may think the fold will decrease its rigidity. Instead you’ll find the Brompton bicycle is stiff and strong, and with puncture-resistant tyres fitted it can handle everything the city can dish out. The durable steel frame, hand-made with the highest quality and a design that has been perfected over 30+ years speak of Brompton as a brand capable of guaranteeing years of daily use throughout the city and beyond.


Each of our Brompton bikes is produced at our factory in London. The average bike is made up of 1,200 parts, many of which are custom-made for each of the Brompton models.

Reasons to buy

Whether you’re aiming to be first off the line, or you’re simply after a bike that’s less tiring for stop-start city riding, a Brompton is perfect for you. The small wheels afford the bike it’s great acceleration and manoeuvrability, and also increase the strength and rigidity of the wheels. Rider comfort is achieved by the long seatpost and a suspension block which means that even rides over rough surfaces and for longer distances are perfectly doable.


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