Model Types & How to Fold

Based around a single frame and wheel size, there are three handlebar height options to choose from;
combine these with the different saddle, gearing and component options to build your perfect Brompton folding bike.

The Fold

All Bromptons fold the same way. Just five easy steps.


The ingenious design means that you can easily fold or unfold your Brompton in under 20 seconds. When folded, the bike is locked into a compact package, which can be carried, pushed or towed easily and conveniently stored almost anywhere. The chain and gears are protected in the centre of the folded package, which also keeps them away from clothing and luggage.


This makes Brompton bikes perfect for taking onboard public transport or putting in the boot of a car for more fun at your destination.

Steel vs Superlight

The Brompton bike design has been refined over the past 40 years, but our core Brompton bike range remains the classic full-steel frame, which are now referred to as “C Line” bikes.

Combining classic steel main frame with titanium frame parts, this lighter weight model provides easier portability and a more supple ride.


In the core, or classic range of Bromptons (“C Line” models) there are three gearing options to choose from:


The three handlebar height options (Low, Medium and High) offer different ride positions for various styles of riding. The handlebar height is not adjustable on your Brompton. This means that you never have to worry about your handlebar stem slipping when you ride, but this is also why we encourage people to test ride our demo Bromptons prior to their first purchase.

Each of the handlebar height options allows for a compact folded bike size that is easy to handle and transport. Bromptons are perfect for taking onboard public transport or putting in the boot of a car for more fun at your destination.

Each handlebar option holds a different appeal for different people. Click on the handlebars to see the riding position.

P Line Brompton

Weighing 1.55 kg less than the equivalent all-steel model (C Line Utility), the
P Line is lightweight performance, folded and unfolded. Easy to carry, light
and fast – the iconic steel main frame an entirely redesigned titanium rear
frame and front fork, completed with premium lightweight components.


More than just a lightweight folding bike, the P Line Urban delivers an
exceptional ride experience that stands up to the rigours of the city with its
superlight compact 4-speed gear system. 


P Line Bromptons are expected to be available in store later this year. 


P Line decal - 800x533

A Line Brompton

A Line Bromptons are not available in our region. 

The closest equivalent model available in our region is a “C Line Utility – Mid”

A Line Brompton

T Line Brompton

The first batch of Brompton’s latest innovation will be available exclusively online


Initial production runs are always for a limited number and, as a result, this product

won’t be available locally just yet. More details will be shared in due course.


We are not taking pre-order requests for this option.

T Line teaser image 900x600

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