Bespoke Chainrings 60T De Luna - Polished Silver - 130BCD 3/32 for Bromptons


Light, strong and stunningly beautiful! Add a bit of quick silver magic to your Brompton.

A perfect upgrade for a 2-speed Brompton when riding around Melbourne or on flatter territory, you'll really leave the rest to eat your dust with this track-quality chainring. Combining a 60T chainring with Brompton's standard 2 speed rear sprockets, positions the high and low gears approximately 10 gear inches to each side of where most people find a single speed comfortable riding (62.1/82.8). Essentially, you have a comfortable crusing gear where you don't spin out too quickly, and a slightly easier gear to assist you with hills.

In polished silver, this De Luna chainring will be a clear compliment to the standard and premium Brompton finishes.

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