MKS Urban Step-in A-EZY Superior Silver.

$180.00 inc. GST

The “Urban Step-In A” is dual function pedal that’s perfect for those who use one bike for everything, or a cyclist who is looking for pedals that work with-or-without cleats.

The platform side of the pedal provides a large and stable platform, while the other side allows you to clip-in with the MKS US-A cleat set (Time ATAC compatible). The platform side has a concave shape that allows you to comfortable use shoes with cleats installed, such as when pedaling through a congested area.

The patented Ezy Superior system allows for safe, rapid, and toolless removal of pedals for travel, storage, or flexibility. Particularly popular as an upgrade for folding bicycles, those who take their bikes on mass transit, or travel bikes with coupler systems our Ezy superior system can dramatical improve ride quality while saving space.

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  • The pedal and cleats are two way compatible with Time ATAC cleats and pedals
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Do not dismantle the cartridge sealed bearings since these items are accurately adjusted maintenance free parts.
  • Do not inject lubricant into cartridge sealed bearings because lubrication fluid stimulates grease leakage and shorten bearing life span.
  • Dust seal cap also work as bearing adjuster.
  • If you loosen the cap, it may cause over play

A thin pedal spanner (15 mm wrench flat with under 3.2 mm thickness) is required for initial attachment of the adapter.
For the installation of Ezy Superior and Ezy, it is recommend that you use a dedicated MKS original Pedal Spanner or a thin wheel hub spanner.

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