MKS Allways EZY Superior Black Pedal

$190.00 inc. GST

Need more grip? The ALLWAYS Ezy Superior is just what you need. 

Better suited to work boots over casual slip-ons, if you’re going exploring this is a great pedal to ensure your feet stay secure on your pedals at all times. Some of the grip pins are removeable enabling you to taylor the amount of grippiness to your needs.

The ALLWAYS features a double-sided platform offset to the front of the pedal spindle, and a triple sealed bearing system providing the smooth rotation and long part life for which MKS is renown.

The patented Ezy Superior system allows for safe, rapid, and tool-free removal of pedals for travel, storage, or flexibility. This is why MKS pedals are popular as an upgrade for Brompton bikes – and anyone who travels with their bikes (on public transit, in the back of the car, or on airlines).

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A thin pedal spanner (15 mm wrench flat with under 3.2 mm thickness) is required for initial attachment of the adapter.
For the installation of Ezy Superior and Ezy, it is recommend that you use a dedicated MKS original Pedal Spanner or a thin wheel hub spanner.

Sold as a pair.

Platform size = approx 8cm (w) x 9.2cm (l)
Total pedal size = approx 11cm x 11cm
Weight = 381g

Made in Japan

For comparison
Stock Brompton pedals: Right 6.5cm(w) x 9.4cm(l); Left 6.3cm(w) x 9cm(l))

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