Brompton Eazy Wheel rollers with fittings – 6mm holes (Pair)

$48.00 inc. GST

At 60mm in diameter, these are slightly larger than the stock plastic rollers fitted to the frame arms on E- or L-type Bromptons (45mm), and those that come standard on a R-type Brompton (55mm). More than just their size which allows for extra clearance over dips, bumps and floor mats, the main difference in performance is due to the sealed bearings in the Eazy Wheels. Like a hot knife through butter, Eazy Wheels spin effortlessly.

Robust, highly effective, and at an affordable price – this is the upgrade you need to make your everyday Brompton lifestyle just that much easier. 

One set required for E or L type. Two sets required for R type Bromptons (2018-). Not compatible with older racks – see “Brompton Eazy Wheel rollers with fittings – 5mm holes (Pair)”

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