Advance Roller Wheel Pair

$75.00 inc. GST

Replacement Roller Wheels (pair) for your Brompton

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This replacement roller wheel pair attaches to your Brompton’s frame close to the rear triangle. The Advance Roller Wheel Pair is compatible with the A Line, C Line, Brompton Electric, or pre-2022 model Brompton Bikes. These are the new Advance Roller Wheels that are fitted as standard for the P Line and T Line titanium Advance rear frame.

The Roller Wheels are designed to be small and lightweight so that you can ride freely and only notice they’re there when you need them. Roller Wheels make daily commuting or city exploration even more effortless with your Brompton. Fold your bike in under 20 seconds to jump on another mode of transport, nip in for coffee, or reach your destination and roll along using your Advance Roller Wheel Pair.

They’re quick to attach, using the included spaces are bolts; you only need a 5mm Allen/Hex key to install, and you’re good to go on another joyful journey with your Brompton.

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