Brompton Team

Photo of Cory


M6L Raw (b)Lacquer & S2L-X Black

Cory has ridden many bikes in his life, mainly for transport.  Upon his first ride of a Brompton, he understood.

Later, he was given the opportunity to sell them, and they quickly became his passion. They just tick too many boxes to help people get around every day.

His M6L has all the trimmings (Brooks leather bits, dyno lights, raw lacquer with black edition components), and is his comfortable ride. His S2L-X is the light pocket-rocket, great for the speedy commute. 

Photo of Dayna


H3R Red & H6L Lagoon Blue (Black Edition)

Dayna frequently admired these colourful folding bikes through the front window before finally getting one of her own.

Dayna's daily commute rapidly became her favourite part of the day. A second Brompton was purchased as a spare - the 'BUB' or Back Up Brompton - in case her morning presented her with a flat tyre, or if the ride needed the wider-spaced 6 speed.

When we were looking for passionate and knowledgeable  staff for the Junction, we didn't need to look far.

Photo of Stu



Stu finds a Brompton perfect for when he wants to mix his commute up. Given that his daily commute is from Eltham, it's great to have options.

He also finds a 2-speed, 60T  Brompton perfect for the Around the Bay ride, seen here ready to take on the 300km route for 2018, having completed the 210km route the previous year.