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How Does it Work:

We have a wide range of bags that will allow you to transport everything you need on the front of the bike. Practical and stylish, the Brompton range of front luggage options are designed for everything from your daily commute to travelling around the world in total comfort.

All of our Brompton bikes have the carrier (luggage) block fitted - except CHPT3 Bromptons, but we can fit them on request.  All Brompton bags designed to fit on the front carrier come complete with either a frame or fitting to allow you to simply slip the bag onto the carrier block. Once placed, the bag is fixed on the Brompton safely. The weight of your front luggage is supported by the Brompton's frame, leaving your steering free and easy.

When folded, you can leave your front bag attached and use the handle (through its rigid frame) to tow your Brompton behind you. Unfold the handlebars and your Brompton is now in "trolley mode"! With a bag on front you can move and steer the folded Brompton on it's rollers, and use your bag for shopping - it's really that easy!

The Classic Range

The classic luggage range is being updated in 2020 - stay tuned for more details soon. 

The S-BAG: messenger style wallet that has a removable front flap in case you want to change your style. We still have a few options in stock.  Capacity of 20 litres.

The C-BAG: *Out of Stock* Soon to be replaced by the Metro Messenger Bag in Black. Capacity of 23 litres.

The T-BAG: *Out of Stock* To-date has been the largest and most popular front luggage option, with its "roll top" type closure. the new Borough Roll Top Bag has a slightly smaller capacity at 28 litres, but with added functionality thanks to the Y straps on the front. 

The Shopping Bag or Basket: *Out of Stock* This classic has also received a facelift and reappears in 2020 as the Borough Basket Bag as also had a now comes with webbing loops on the outside allowing you to attach extra items, and stronger cam buckles. Capacity 23 litres.

The Fashion Range

We have a fantastic new range of fashionable luggage with new products and colours to choose from.

TOTE BAG: this bag is available in 3 pastel colours and allows you to carry everything you need without effort. Capacity of 9 litres.

The SHOULDER BAG: this bag has an intelligent shoulder strap system designed to travel with you safely on the bike. Ideal for your daily trips to work. Capacity of 9 litres.

The ROLL TOP BAG: allows you to adjust the capacity of the bag to the volume you want to transport. Capacity of 9 litres.

The SADDLE POUCHES: available in 8 different colours so you can combine them with your bike, which you can fold without removing them. Capacity of 0.4 litres.

Premium Bags

Handmade in Cumbria, England, by Chapman Bags. Our range of premium bags has a finish in high quality leather and metal accessories. They are available in two colours.

The GAME BAG: This premium bag has been crafted by Chapman in his workshop in Cumbria. 19 litre capacity.

The Water Resistant Range

Most of the luggage we designed has been made with water resistant materials or with integrated rain covers. To reach a higher level of protection we have partnered with Ortlieb, teachers of waterproof bicycle luggage.

The O-BAG : a bag resistant to different weather conditions. An ideal work bag with capacity for 20 litres. Available in grey and reflective black.

The MINI O BAG: Definitely one of the most popular luggage options for Brompton, this compact option is offered in Reflective Black. Stock should be available again in early 2020.

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