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The Brompton range is highly customisable thanks to a wide range of accessories specifically designed for Brompton bikes.

Designed to enhance your experience – whether that’s when riding, manoeuvring the folded bike, shopping, transporting it, or carrying everything (including the kitchen sink) on your Brompton – the right accessories will ensure your Brompton is your go-to bike for every ride!

Brompton Bags

We have a comprehensive range of Brompton bags to allow you to adapt the Brompton design to your needs. Practical and stylish, the Brompton range of front luggage options are designed for everything from your daily commute to travelling around the world in total comfort.

All Brompton bags have a rigid and compact chassis that guarantees the care of its content. The Brompton luggage range is designed to fit on the front luggage carrier/block which is fitted as standard to all of the Bromptons we sell (except for CHPT3 x Bromptons, but we can fit one on request). Once placed, the bag is fixed on the Brompton safely. The weight of your front luggage (max 10kg) is supported by the Brompton's frame, leaving your steering free and easy.

When folded, you can leave your front bag attached and use the handle (through its rigid frame) to tow your Brompton behind you. Unfold the handlebars and your Brompton is now in "trolley mode"! With a bag on front you can move and steer the folded Brompton on it's rollers, and use your bag for shopping - it's really that easy!

Lights for Brompton

Night lighting is a legal requirement for cycling in Australia. Brompton offers a range of lighting options from simple battery lights, to  USB rechargeable options, through to various dynamo-hub options (in silver and black).

Safety measures already integrated onto your Brompton include the reflective stripe on the stock tyres and reflectors (front and rear) fitted to the bike. It is still necessary to complement these standard features with front (white) and rear (red) lights when riding at night or in conditions with poor visibility.

Brompton Toolkit

The essential Brompton accessory for every rider!

The most brilliant piece of kit Brompton have designed - right after from the bike itself! Nestled within the bike's frame until you need it, the toolkit is peace of mind when you're away from the convenience of public transport, friends, family or taxi/ubers to rescue you from a spot of bother. A magnet in the end of the toolkit holds it firmly in the frame, even when your Brompton is folded and being transported.

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Brompton Rear Rack

Turning your sporty Brompton into a utility bike – without compromising ride quality. 

Rated to 10kg, the Brompton Rear Rack extends your luggage carrying capacity beyond your front luggage. From simply ‘overflow’ luggage to all sorts of awkwardly shaped items, your rear rack is there for you. Four large rollers on a wide platform provides your Brompton extra stability and ease of manoeuvring when parked, folded or in ‘trolley mode’; two clear benefits even before mentioning the additional luggage capacity.

When you need versatility, the Brompton Rear Rack is for you. 

Brooks Saddles

For a top quality, super comfortable saddle to suit any style of riding - you can't go past a Brooks!

Brooks England have been hand-crafting saddles since 1866. In many countries around the world the name "Brooks" is almost synonymous for "leather saddle. Leather saddles mould to fit your shape perfectly, over time becoming the most comfortable seat you'll ever own!

In addition, Brooks have more recently released their range of Cambium saddles which comprise a vulcanised natural rubber and an organic cotton top. Also available in a waterproof option a Cambium is a great saddle for everything from performance racing to touring, commuting to casual rides. 

Explore our range of Brooks products here.