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CHPT3 x Brompton – Chasing Superlight Dreams

CHPT3. It’s a brand. When combined with BROMPTON, plenty of people get very excited about it.

Having met the man behind CHPT3 (David Millar) and having ridden a CHPT3 x Brompton (v2) I understand why it’s so easy to be entranced by the story behind both brands, not to mention the story behind the collaboration that became the CHPT3 x Brompton phenomenon.



A CHPT3 x Brompton is a deliciously sweet ride; not just because of it’s premium price point, but because it honestly affords a very light and fast, but comfortable ride. 

But if you’ve missed out on securing a v2 CHPT3 this year (it didn’t take long to pre-sell all the ones we’re expecting) what are your options?



The great news is that your options are still plentiful, and can be summed up in one word: customisation

Customisation is a feature that Brompton loves to celebrate. After all, there’s 1 Bike; 16,982,784 combinations! But if you’re after a ride similar to a CHPT3, you probably want to start with a superlight Brompton

“Superlights” have a hand-brazed steel frame (as does every Brompton) plus titanium front forks, rear triangle and a few other components to give both lightness and suppleness to the ride. 

Why content yourself with having ‘one of many’ when you can customise your Brompton to be exactly as you want it? From a couple of stickers, to customised front luggage, to a range of aftermarket components (although it always pays to do your research first before venturing down that path, so come in for a chat).



Regardless of how you spec your bike, the key point is that you’re starting with a high quality bike to being with. There’s nothing to match a 

Brompton for ease and speed of folding and getting around a city. 

Think light, ride fast and have fun.

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