Around The Bay on Bromptons

After a successful ‘Around The Bay’ Brompton experience last year, the infamous Stu and Dayna are more excited than ever to participate again this year.

For readers unfamiliar with the event, United Energy Around The Bay is a huge public cycling event in Melbourne run by Bicycle Network Australia, this year held on the 6th of October, attracting more than 10,000 riders annually.  Participants choose from 9 distance options ranging from the family friendly 20km route (on fully closed roads) to the very serious 300km “Around The Bay – and then some!” making it appealing to people of all riding abilities and experience.


To sum up last year’s ride; Stu (an ex-pro rider from as far back as 1853) tried for the full 300km. He didn’t train specifically for the event, but then he averages 60km day just commuting to and from work – Stu doesn’t just ride, he rides hard! A series of separate, but unfortunate, incidents last year involving a horse, too much beer and a chain tensioner (honestly, don’t ask) meant Stu only made it 230km before he had to pull out of the race. This year he is back with a vengence! Beard even bushier than last year, legs even stronger than last year and even more determined to make it into the 300km club. Look out for him riding his mean, green, speed machine (a 2-speed Brompton with 60T chainring) – but blink and he’ll be gone!

Dayna, our resident Brompton expert, also rode in last year’s Around The Bay (and the year before, and the year before that, etc…). She’s not a pro-athlete like Stu, but there’s no doubt about it; she has the riding ability of a pro and undoubtedly the strongest calves out of every one of us. Last year Dayna smashed the 100km on her Lagoon Blue Black Edition 6-speed and is back for more this year – going for a 50km PB no doubt. Once again this year she will be riding with a wonderful group of riders from the Melbourne Brompton Club, including people from interstate and overseas.


At Brompton Junction Melbourne we are passionate about getting involved in bicycling events and organisations which support and encourage people to ride bikes. United Energy Around The Bay organised by Bicycle Network is definitely one of those events.

After a fun day with friends and family and a long day in the saddle, it’s only a few seconds to fold our Bromptons and catch a ride home on a tram, train or even carpool, and enjoy a chance to rest those legs – or continue riding all the way home again.

Stay tuned for our post ride report!

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