Highly collectible. Or a daily ride. As good as a regular Brompton – only better.

CHPT3 x Brompton

The collaboration between Brompton and CHPT3 has produced arguably the most sought-after special edition Brompton ever produced.


Most recently released in its 4th edition, the latest CHPT3 bike is lightweight portability! Designed with a stripped back look, this Brompton is sold without mudguards or front luggage block (although these can be added on request). Weighing just 9.5kg this was the lightest Brompton available before the T Line was released.

The Black Edition

Produced as a special edition Brompton between 2015-2022, Black Edition Bromptons were a popular choice for people after something a bit special, a bit edgy, and people who love the black contrast.


Featuring a full gloss frame finish and black componentry, Black Editions were only produced in four colourways each year.

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