Continental Contact Urban 16 x 1.35 (35-349)


This most eagerly anticipated tyre for your Brompton is now available! 

Overseas Brompton riders who have fitted these tyres typically describe the ride as "smooth and effortless", "light and fast" so we're really keen to give them a good go for ourselves now they're here!

Described by Continental as the "perfect symbiosis between light-rolling and puncture protection". Could the perfect tyre finally be here? Puncture protection is provided by a cross-woven nylon fibre netting which is robust, light and flexible, that they're calling the "SafetyPro Breaker".

The tyres can also be fitted to Bromptons with e-conversions and the Brompton Electric (once it becomes available locally).

ETRO size: 35-349
Tyre pressure: 65 -116 psi or 4.5 - 8 bar
Weight: 285g
Tyre bead: Wired
Directional: Yes

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