Brompton - S6L-X - Rocket Red Black Edition (Superlight)


ETA: March 2021

The hottest thing in the city this summer is the new Rocket Red Black Edition. Hotter than a standard Red - and with a gloss finish, it's probably faster too!

Inspired by the city at night, the ever popular Black Edition is back! With the standard chrome components changed to black on this special edition, it's a guaranteed head-turner.

The S bar is the lowest option - perfect for a speedy, performance-driven ride.  Wide-spaced 6 gears and mudguards will provide a versatile bike - great for all terrains and speeds - for travel or commuting.

Making this Brompton more easy to manage when folded, and even more enjoyable to ride all day, are the Titanium components. Reducing the bike's weight by around 750g and adding a suppleness to the ride, you're just going to want to keep riding!

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