Brompton - M6L-X - Black Lacquer - Black Edition - Superlight


The "black lacquer" finish is subtle, but still displays the perfect brazing that defines any Brompton receiving via their artisan workers.  This comes with rear rack, front cargo block and dyno hub and lights, for the ultimate do anything commuter.

Raw Lacquer is one of our most popular colours, but the Black Edition Black Lacquer takes that to the next level.

Just as with any Black Edition, the various chrome and alloy coloured components are swapped out for black.  However, the Black Lacquer is a clear gloss coat which is tinted darker.  The high quality hand brazing stands out in high contrast against the darker colour, however in bright light the steel is still visible underneath.  Descriptions, and even photographs do not do this justice - you really need to see it in person.

The M6L is a medium handlebar height, with a wide-spaced 6 gears, mudguards, emergency pump and a luggage block. 

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