Brompton - M6L - Purple Metallic with SP Dynamo


Gaze into the purple depths of the majestic Purple Metallic Brompton and be enchanted by the light twinkling back at you in various purple hues. For a ride that’s truly divine, you cannot go past this new gloss metallic Brompton.

What's more, because this Brompton is also fitted with a Shutte Precision (SP) SV-8 dynamo hub, you'll never have to worry about charging lights or being seen.

With a medium-height handle bar (“M-bar”) that suits most people's riding style, 6 wide-spaced gears, mudguards that do a fantastic job at keeping you clean, a front luggage block and emergency pump, the M6L is your all-rounder. "Most valued team member" who just gets stuck in an does the job, day in, day out.

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