Brompton Bike Cover w integrated Pouch


A super quick and convenient way to protect your Brompton from dust, scratches or even disguise the fact that there's a bike beneath the nondescript black cover.

Brompton's saddle bag and bike cover is an easy and effective means of protecting your Brompton from scratches when transporting it folded, keeping it dust-free when not being ridden, and even obscuring the fact that it's a folding bike when required.

The cover either slips over the top of the folded Brompton, or you can use the zip to easier access. The double-ended zip allows easy access to the saddle and there is storage room between the cover and on top of the Brompton frame for items such as your helmet. As there is no base to this cover, the Brompton's rollers are still available to use as normal to move the folded bike.

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