MKS Urban Step-in A-EZY Superior Black

$180.00 inc. GST

Dual Function Pedal with EZY Superior quick release Axle

The “Urban Step-In A” is dual function pedal that’s perfect for those who use one bike for everything, or a cyclist who is looking for pedals that work with-or-without cleats.

The platform side of the pedal provides a large and stable platform, while the other side allows you to clip-in with the MKS US-A cleat set (Time ATAC compatible). The platform side has a concave shape that allows you to comfortable use shoes with cleats installed, such as when pedaling through a congested area.

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  • Body: Alloy
  • Plate: Steel wire(binding)
  • Step Area: Double sided
  • Toe Clip: No
  • Reflector: No
  • Size: W66 x L94
  • Weight (pair): 461g

A thin pedal spanner (15 mm wrench flat with under 3.2 mm thickness) is required for initial attachment of the adapter.
Made in Japan

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