Brompton Accessories

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of Brompton accessories

The Brompton range is highly customisable and for this the brand offers users a wide range of equipment specifically designed for Brompton bikes, and guarantees their folding and resistance requirements.

Brompton Bags

We have a complete range of Brompton bags to adapt to the different needs of each user and the design of each Brompton.

All Brompton bags have a rigid and compact chassis that guarantees the care of its content and that greatly facilitates the maneuver for placement or removal of the Bicycle. Our Brompton Bags allow you to move the Brompton when it is in the folded position as if it were a cart.

Lights for Brompton

Night lighting is a legal requirement for cycling in Australia. Brompton offers different lighting possibilities for both battery and dynamo.

Brompton incorporates safety measures with its reflective stripe on the stock tyres and reflectors fitted to the bike, but it is necessary to complement them with front (white) and rear (red) lights when riding at night or in conditions with poor visibility.